Singing Bowls and Childbirth

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Birthing can be one of life’s most spiritual experiences. The union of two beings, for a time, as one, the emerging of a new life - entirely similar; totally unique, yet still entwined. Throughout this transformation we often dream, imagining the passage to come. We form ideas and feelings of how we anticipate and envision this emergence to play out.

Happy Moma

Melissa holding Cedar Rose 1998

When there is resistance along the way, the experience can start to take on undesirable attributes. They can come in the form of worry or fear, self judgment or condemnation or a thought that stops the flow of ease and peace of mind.

There is a creation song that sings in the heart of everyone. A vibration of pure love, the feeling of relaxation, of joy and passion, even ecstasy, like the buzzing heart and bubbling tummy of someone in love. Can you live there? Can you feel that good always; even in the throes of pregnancy and child birth? You can!

glowing bowls

Pure Organic Sound. Photo by Julie Jones

Experience the vibration of chakra tuned crystal singing bowls. The profound organic sounds of pure quartz crystal stimulating every cell of your being. Let the bowls hypnotize you, eliminating thoughts of fear and worry, allowing ideas of lack and self judgment to vanish as sensations of peace and enthusiasm wash over you and your child.

Shaman and sound healers, monks and wise women have been chanting, singing and playing instruments for healing and health for thousands of years. Quartz has an affinity with humans and has been said to release, or hold thought forms as well as focus intention assisting in moments of change. Creating sound for the purpose of healing and health enhancement using pure quartz produces astonishing results.

Discover the mental clarity, physical rejuvenation, and emotional balance singingbowls can bring to your pregnancy and child bearing experience. Invite signing bowls into your prenatal journey and feel the lasting effects on the space and everyone in it. Many can attest to the effects of the bowls, effects that can last for days or weeks, helping resolve deep fears and stress while allowing you to prepare for a sensational child birthing experience.

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Stephanie Mayer describing her experience with singing bowls before childbirth