Workplace Wellness Consulting

Companies around the world are discovering the health benefits and productivity improvements of having a workforce that is mindful, creative, stress free, and working together for their common good. Achieving a successful corporate meditation program requires a few changes in culture and the physical corporate environment.

First and foremost is the need for management's understanding of the benefits, goals and appearance of meditation. Without management support and understanding, meditation in the workplace has little chance of success. Second is the need to have a workforce that has enough control of their thought processes to be able to calm down and relax, even in the throws of a stressful moment. Third, there needs to be a work environment that supports the idea of mental down time. This includes a quiet space to meditate, in any weather, and a culture that encourages workers to use the space.

Forward looking companies see the benefits of such a practice but implementation is sometimes a daunting task. Where can we find the space? What should it look like or feel like? how will we get people to use it? How do we encourage meditation at work? Just reading a book about these things or trying to get people to to see the value and to meditate, when you don't do it yourself, doesn't work. There are plenty of meditation rooms built into new office buildings that are rarely or never used.

Corporate Wellness Services

Creation Songs offers a full range of meditation and mindfulness consulting services.

  • State of the art ,on site, meditation classes

  • Site analysis and configuration for integrating meditation into the workplace

  • Management training

  • Team building and business relationship management

  • Ongoing support and problem solving

    With over twenty years experience meditating in the workplace, even when the workplace didn't support it, Creation Songs can get your company moving in the direction of mindfulness and keep you on track. Please contact me for more information.

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