When I first felt the effect of these sounds on my physical body and my mind, I could not believe the power of it. Many people have this experience. Here are a few examples.


Hey Kelly, I loved the meditation session! Thank you so much. [My friend that came with me] slept 10 hours that night and it lasted for 5 days. She has sleep issues & often can't sleep more than a couple of hours in a row.
Laura Baker Boulder, CO (11/17/2009)
I think the bowls completely cured me. Both Gav & Brian said that they felt better too. Riley loved it & wants to come back. :)
Thank you!
Laura Baker, Boulder, CO (01/22/2010)
Kelly, I'm so pleased that my daughter enjoyed and "resonated" with the sound of the bowls last Sunday night in Boulder. I wasn't sure she'd like it- but she reported that she felt calmer and felt great physically and emotionally at school the next day! Perhaps you should give some thought to alternative (charter, etc.) schools, or even offer it to public schools as part of a music program. The possibilities are endless! I'll bet this would be very helpful for autistic and otherwise compromised children. Anyway, I've just posted your video on Facebook from "The Music Effect" website you're on. Just listening on my little computer speakers was great!
Thanks Kelly
Christina Hildebrandt, Longmont, CO (03/04/2010)


I meant to thank you for your harmonic addition to Wednesday's yoga class! I felt like I could run a mile for about 24 hours afterwards... incredible! Thank you!
Abbie Lee Jefferson, Fort Collins, CO (02/12/2010)

Private Session

Kelly and his singing Bowls...well what can I say...difficult to put the experience into words...Kelly played for me four times during my third trimester of pregnancy...so magical...everytime I could feel myself go deep within and something different would emerge on the other side...always a clearing for me to feel something at a deeper level...did having the experience of the singing bowls assist in my labor and birth?...I have no doubt about it...the vibration and clearing that I experienced every session spoke directly to my body and the baby's...I am so thrilled to have had this experience during my pregnancy
thank you Kelly
Tiffany Panzera, Longmont, CO (03/03/2010)
Hello Kelly,
I am writing this to sincerely thank you for our sessions. I was at first skeptical of singing bowl therapy, but your professional approach and expert utilization of the bowls quickly dissuaded any skepticism I had. Your guidance into my inner emotions was amazing. That partnered with the resonance of the bowls melted so much fear and self judgement that I was unknowingly harboring. I have stepped out of this therapy much more at home in my skin! I reccomend these sessions to anyone trying to cross the emotional highway of life to come back to their own truth! Thanks again.

Patrick D. Emrich RN
Director of Medical Surgical Pediatrics
Longmont United Hospital (02/04/2010)