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You are not broken! Just on a path.
You are on a wonderful adventure. To the extent you can remember to enjoy the adventure, that is the extent to which you do. It is beautiful how your minds work, echoing your thoughts into existence. Each echo like striking a bell, calling forth the unique vibration of that thought until creation expands. It is strange that so often you echo thoughts that call your nightmares instead of your delight. It is stranger still that you assume that you are stuck with your current condition.

What if you could remember, moment by moment, the opportunity of having a life. The precious gift of living in a body? What if you could remember the excitement of watching your own creation's unfoldment instead of echoing the question, “what's taking so dam long?”

I can hold the thought, the vibration of love for you. I can stand by you with a song in my heart, and even on my lips, reminding you of your own source potential. I can echo the resonant frequencies of creation on the ether of a blissful moment in time.

It is your choice what you will do with these things and I honor that. How could I do otherwise? You and I sprang from the same source. We continue to feed back to that source, all that we have become. How could either of us make a wrong choice?

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