Singing Bowls are an Opportunity

Underlying all physical creation is one thing; love. It resonates through every structure that was ever created. It is at the core of every atom. We are starting to understand this now. We are starting to see that the foundations of all things are the same thing. As we see this we wounder at the magnificence of creation. We start to explore the source that would bring such beauty into existence.

And then we clutter the painting. “ Hey, that is only that color because of the pollution”. “look at all that makeup, what is she trying to prove...”. If you want to see flaws, you have a lot to choose from. If you want to find problems well just breath, they will come in boat loads. But what about love. Did we forget how it feels to just tingle with delight at even the notion of a kiss? Did we forget where we came from? What is the point of anything if you can't feel the surge of creation's love under your feet with every step.

Humans have a divine inheritance and a divine calling

We didn't just come here to suffer and be punished for our 'sins'. We came her to explore and create. We came to have a blast at the expense of no one. And to experience the joy of expression that can only be found in physical form.

So what are we waiting for? The next pay check? The next discount travel deal? I don't think so. I think we are stuck in a thought. Not a thought that we created but a thought that we bought, from our parents, from our church, from our next best media outlet. The thought that it is better to be safe than sorry, better to be living a long painful lie than a flash of blissful delight.

What if there was a path back?

What if there was a way to know, moment by moment, that you are love, that you came from love, that you are going to love, that love is all that truly is? Would you take that path? Would you risk the mediocrity of your life right now to go that way? Would you? Could you?

Quartz crystal singing bowls offer such a path. Not by hearing them, they just make a pleasant noise. By allowing them to penetrate you. As these sounds wash over you and through you, you start to feel the underpinnings of creation. As the days go by after an experience with these sounds you can start to echo a different thought. And as the thought expands, you start to realize what an adventure your life is, no matter how mundane it seemed before.

Healing is a choice

Healing would be if your stiff shoulder felt better. Healing would be if your sore hip was not so painful. Healing would be if you didn't need the surgery any more. Or the drugs. All of these things are within your grasp. You are the creator of your reality. As Christ would have said, if he were talking to you, “ by your focus and your love, you are healed.” The sounds of creation can go beyond that though. They can take you to paradise, right now, by reminding you why you came here in the first place.

Changing our prospective changes everything

What is the point of spending another moment alone? If we can remember, right now, what love is, that we are together as one, only our joy remains!

running path

Open space at sunset Niwot Colorado