Why Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls?

Crystal Singing Bowls were created to align and entrain microprocessors during production. They were found to have the same effect on human processes and have been used as a healing tool ever since. The resonant sounds and electromagnetic pulses emanating from the bowls re-tune our nervous system by breaking up resonant discord in our bodies. The result is an experience of remembering who we are and a physical experience of creation's love.

I have been involved in alternative healing my entire life. I have been playing metal singing bowls for more than 20 years. I have never before experienced a healing tool with such a profound impact on my personal health. Crystal bowls are doing much more than just making a sound. The effects are noticeable almost immediately and last long after being exposed.

In vibrational healing it is important to be able to maintain a tone long enough for the body to re-tune itself. Some healing instruments, when struck, can resonate for 2 minutes or more. A singing bowl can maintain its frequencies for as long as you are willing to keep playing it. This makes them ideal for breaking up old patterns and presenting new vibrational opportunities.

Here is a short and beautiful description of the bowls

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meditation bowls

Bowls after meditation

A short demonstration of the bowls