Spontaneous Yoga with Singing Bowls

A yoga class in a warm room (not hot) where the yoga teacher and the student are both you. Yoga means union. Its original intent was to assist in unifying the dual nature of humans. This is accomplished by slowing mental processes with breath and movement, allowing the nonphysical aspect of human experience to more fully enter the physical form.

Society tells us, that it is unsafe to be spontaneous. Science warns that our root nature is not to be trusted; that our primal instincts are driven by a savage desire to dominate and win species survival. Psychology warns that all of our instincts and even our highest accomplishments are rooted in some perverted impulse from our infancy or past exposure to abuse. Religion teaches us that we are born sinners or carrying some karmic debit that must be expunged and that our desires and individuality will lead only to more suffering. It is not surprising that we are so repressed.

There are other ideas in the world though. Ideas that suggest:

Its time we re-learn to trust our spontaneous thoughts and deeds. Its time we re-learn that the entire universe is blessed with an overarching atmosphere of safety and support. It is time we stop trying to control our own impulses so we can stop being so invested in the actions of others.

Where better to start this process than on our yoga mats, in an environment of love and mutual support. Come and express your true self as you feel your energy move to the steady sounds of crystal singing bowls. Rediscover your spontaneous self and the radiant knowing light that surrounds us all.

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