An Eternal Perspective

Kelly MacInnis is a member of an elite group of about 8 billion beings of light that volunteered to enter the theater of physical creation. Our purpose is the expansion of that creation through experiential exploration of the work in progress. Kelly maintains his focus on the eternal aspect of his service. He stands as a constant reminder that each of us is the master of our lives (art). We can, at any time, extend our awareness into the atmosphere of wellbeing, safety, and support that has always been our calling. Kelly's primary interest is in deepening personal relationships on all levels through trust and love.

A Passion for Healing

I was seven when my mother was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). At the time (1967) very little was known about MS and there were very few useful treatments. In search of a cure or some relief, my mother started exploring the fringes of health care and every new idea she could get her hands on.

By the age of nine I was learning about natural and organic food, acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, macrobiotics, eastern religion, meditation, yoga and anything that offered a chance for healing. My passion for alternative health care continues to this day.

Experience as Education

I quit school at 15 and left home the following summer. For the next 7 years I had over 20 different kinds of jobs, sometimes three at a time, before becoming a software engineer. I had no formal education, just a summer with a friend's computer, some programming tools and books. I worked in that industry for over 30 years.

I have also been involved in many forms of psychotherapy and personal growth modalities for my own alternative healing. I have studied the Roman Catholic Church, Zen Buddhism, the Native American Church, and Lakota religious traditions as well as Hindu and several new age faiths. I have been an explorer of the depth and breadth of human consciousness since learning to meditate at age 9. More on this here..

Challenge as Opportunity

I have five children. one is still at home. Four are now fully functional, exquisite, independent adults. I have participated intimately in 5 pregnancies and 4 home births. I lost my first child at birth, in a hospital, from a congenital defect. I was a single father for seven years. I have been using herbs, diet, massage, energy work, meditation, and prayer for healing and health maintenance for over 40 years.

I have studied resonance in electrical systems, sound, human thought, and karmic experience. I bring all of this and a deep passion and love to my work as a healing facilitator.

Kelly's picture

Kelly MacInnis. Photo By Ally Sweeney