How Sound Heals

Objective observation can never fully explain healing or dis-ease. It can describe how things work in the human body. We can observe the structure of cells, the chemical and electrical signals involved in the functioning of organs, and the way our bodies get sick and heal.

But there is always this exception. The placebo effect. Sometimes people just get better, or worse. Objective science can't fully explain it. We use double blind and triple blind studies to try to eliminate the effects of our thoughts as a factor in our observations. If our thoughts are effective in healing 50% percent of the time, without even trying, maybe we should be looking at ways of enhancing this effect instead of trying to eliminate it from our consideration.

Lets look at human experience

What is our experience? We spend so much of our lives trying to feel good without ever looking at what feeling good is. What dose it mean when we say, ”I like something?” What does, “I'm tired” mean? What is, “I am so sad?” What we are talking about is physical sensations in our bodies. If we notice the sensations without the interpretation, what we find is that they feel like vibrations. Some of these vibrations we find pleasant, others, we do not.

What about when we are not experiencing anything in particular? If we pay attention to sensations in our bodies we find that they are always there. Even in the quietest moments our bodies are moving, vibrating, generating subtle sensations. This constant stream of sensation is called emotional energy. The energy is not emotion but when provoked it becomes emotion. This energy is always present, always functioning, it doesn't stop.

Try this quick demonstration

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Set your computer speakers to a resonable volume. When you press play above a sound will play. Don't focus on the sound. Pay attention to how your body feels. Focus on the sensations in your body. Where in your body you feel it. What does the sensation feel like? These sensations are your emotional energy getting pushed around by the sound.

This emotional energy is the link between our bodies and the world around us. It is also the link between our thoughts and our physical bodies. These sensations are effected by our thoughts. Did you ever change your emotional mood by thinking a thought? We do it all the time. Some thoughts just make us feel better than others. Thinking about things or people you like feels better than thinking about things or people you don't like. Feelings are a quality of the vibrational sensations in our bodies. A coloring of our emotional energy.

How can this emotional energy be involved in healing?

We are creatures of habit We tend to do the same things day by day. We tend to do the same things because we know them, not always because we like them. We do the same job. We live in the same kind of house. We relate to people the same way. We relate to ourselves the same way. We stick with the same thought patterns too. We maintain opinions, we form ideas about the world and our selves. Once we have these ideas, we stick to them.

We have already seen how our thoughts and the world around us effect our emotional energy. There is a physical component to all these sensations in our bodies. If we are feeling in love it increases the circulation of blood and makes our hearts pound. If we are feeling angry or stressed it effects our blood pressure. There are more subtle ways that these vibrations are effecting us. Constantly thinking a thought, thereby constantly creating a vibrational pattern in our bodies, actually effects our health.

Our thoughts move our emotional energy. The vibrational quality of this movement will cause our bodies to react in ways that make us healthy or unhealthy. We can change our health by changing our thoughts; the vibrational quality of our emotional energy.

This is why sound heals!

Sound has the ability to change the vibrational quality of our emotional energy too. This is why when we hear a piece of music we like we feel good. If we change our thought patterns we can enhance the effect. If we can use the quality of sound to shift our vibrational sensations, and we are not fighting the change by continuing the same old thoughts, we can effect what seems like miraculous healing.

The role of resonance in human health

Resonance as defined by Webster is a vibration of large amplitude in a mechanical or electrical system caused by a relatively small periodic stimulus of the same or nearly the same period as the natural vibration period of the system.

Complex systems can have many resonant frequencies. Living systems like the human body can resonate at various frequencies indefinitely because of emotional (vibrational) energy.

A thought provoked example:

Imagine someone you care about expresses an opinion about you that you don't agree with. Because you care and want them to care about you, you may choose not to express your disagreement with their opinion. But you continue thinking about what they said. Thoughts like, “why did they say that? Don't they like me? Is it true, is that what the world thinks of me:”. These defensive and protective thoughts carry on inside your head. You try to push them out of your mind, but the thoughts keep coming back. Hours are spent trying to erase your mind, allowing yourself to fall asleep, only to find yourself weaving the expression into your dreams. Sometime this goes on for days, weeks, even years.

A physical example:

Often after a chronic injury, people experience the sensation of pain even though the injury itself is healed. Doctors look and find no physical explanation for the pain, yet the pain persists becoming a lifelong issue with no explanation.

Both are examples of resonance in emotional energy. While these examples are easily depicted, other more subtle forms of resonant emotional energy can build within our physical bodies. These continuing vibrations cause physical effects without our awareness. Because emotional energy is always present, always moving within us, a thought or experience (typically trauma) can set up a curtain vibration within our system. Due to the nature of resonance, the vibration becomes self sustaining; the frequencies of the event are continually fed by our emotional energy. It is this type of resonant vibration that leads to disease. Habitual thoughts that appear unrelated get thrown into the mix, maintaining and amplifying the vibration of the original event.

Singing bowls affect human emotional energy more profoundly than any other instrument

Our bodies are alive, always moving, allowing us to change what resonates within us. We have the ability to change the frequencies of our emotional energy, we are not stuck! Using sound to aid us, we can change our mind and body frequencies. The oscillating organic sounds and high frequency vibrations generated by chakra tuned quartz crystal singing bowls affect human emotional energy more profoundly than any other instrument. These sounds effect lasting changes by setting up new resonant frequencies within our emotional and physical energy systems. The effects last for days, weeks, even months. Repeated use can result in permanent changes, depending on vibrational factors such as thought habits and what other energies we allow to affect us.

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