What is Kombucha?

If you would like a kombucha mushroom, contact me.

Kombucha Recipe

Using a large (2.5 gallon) cookie jar from Walmart.

The original recipe for one batch will use less than 1/3 of the cookie jar. Use it the first time around so you can get used to handling things. later you can double the recipe. The cookie jar will hold 3.5 batches. I will give the original recipe first then the improved recipe that I now use.

Original Recipe:

3 quarts water
1 cup sugar
1 family size tea bag  (3 regular tea bags) this is Lipton or similar black tea. Orange pekoe is also fine.
4 OZ brewed kombucha (from the last batch) starter. (the liquid in the bag is your starter)

Boil water for 5- 10 minutes.
Add sugar and bring back to boil.
Add tea bag(s) and steep for at least 10 minutes (I leave the tea bag in for hours sometimes.)
Remove tea and allow to cool to room temperature (this can take several hours)
Place cooled tea into the cookie jar.
Add the brewed kombucha starter
Add the mushroom, slimy side down.

Cover the jar with a piece of cloth and a rubber band. you could use the lid that came with the jar instead but it must be able to breathe. I never tried it.
Mark the jar with the date you started it.
Place the jar in a warm dark place. and try not to move it around to much 12 - 14 days.

At the end, remove the mushroom, pour the Kombucha into containers and enjoy. If you want it more carbonated, leave a little room in the containers and store at room temp for an additional week. Otherwise refrigerate to slow continued brewing.

The mushroom will have grown a baby that will cover the jar on top of the original. The baby can be split off the parent and used to start another batch or it can be left on. The baby will stick in places but with a little wiggling you can get it off. If the baby is very thin just leave it on and go around again.

Extended time and larger batch

After you do the original recipe once, you may want more kombucha. You may also want it stronger. Make the following changes.

The cookie jar holds just over 2.5 gallons so make 3.5 batches as follows. Note that we are adding about 1/3 cup more sugar per batch to support the mushroom for up to 30 days without the kombucha tasting like vinegar.

10.5 quarts water
4.5 cups sugar (3.5 cups if you plan on letting it brew less than  20 days)
3 family size or 9 regular tea bags
12 OZ kombucha starter

Follow the original directions, let brew 24 - 30 days.

Use common sense! If it smells bad or like anything other than kombucha, don't drink it. Room temp is 70 degrees. Warm dark place is a cupboard that stays between 70 and 80 degrees.  if your babies are always thin, you can get a small reptile heater that makes no light at the pet shop to warm a small space.


kombucha brewing

Kombucha with heat lamp